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The Way I Fight the 'Ndrangheta. The Story of Maria Teresa Morano
The journalist and presenter Tiziana Panella interviews Maria Teresa Morano during the La7 program Tagadà. Read More
The Morano Family's Fight against Protection Money
In 1992 the Morano family and our company began their battle against the Organized Crime (‘Ndrangheta). Thanks to Maria Teresa, sister of the current director Domenico, and the magazine “Donna Moderna”, you can read about an important step in the history of the MCM Group. Read More
No Explosion with MCM
In Switzerland, in the region of “Canton Ticino”, the last of a series of attacks on banks has been foiled. The difference? The presence of a security solution from MCM Group. Thanks to these protection system, the criminals have tried unsuccessfully to insert something, probably gas or explosives, into the ATM. Read More
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